View of the Surrey Countryside

with Dunsfold Aerodrome

middle left of view.

This could be full of high density

housing if developers

get their way.

NO Dunsfold Aerodrome?

No Wings and Wheels

No Top Gear test track

Imagine this view full of housing, shops and 1000's upon 1000's of square feet of additional commercial space.

... and with two towers the height of Battersea Power Station.

Absolutely horrifying!

of Waverley Council's Draft Local Plan

"not fit for purpose" link here

and the Waverley DRAFT LOCAL PLAN link here


Where have all of the objection signs and banners that popped up in Hascombe gone?

In their infinite wisdom.. YOUR Waverley has served take-down Enforcement Notices on the residents and local campaign groups who are opposed to the HUGE proposed Dunsfold Park Development.

They are calling these signs and posters "advertisements" and that planning permission has not been sought.

Dunsfold Airport Ltd. and Rutland Group appear hell bent on satisfying their masters and Dunsfold Park owners, Trinity College, Cambridge. Trinity College paid tens of millions of pounds more that the original purchase price (and real value) and are now shoe-horning this unsuitable town development into this beautiful, rural part of Surrey.

Many more villages are coming out with posters and leaflets to make everyone aware of the clear impact this development will have on the lives of local people.


Local villages and towns | This WILL affect ALL

Increases in traffic on our already heavily congested roads, lanes and tracks mean that grid-lock will occur more often and for longer. Long suffering Bramley is expected to be the worse hit. Cranleigh second with a high street becoming more congested as more homes are built. The development contains a supermarket of sorts but prices are expected to be in line with Tesco or Sainsbury Express type stores. Shoppers will come to Sainsbury in Cranleigh which has a busy car-park much of the time. This will need to be enlarged, along with many of Cranleigh's other areas to cope with the massive influx.

Drive-arounds/rat-runs although the norm now will become clogged. Getting to the other side of Guildford, the A3, the A25 and Woking etc. from the A281 at Dunsfold area means finding routes across the Surrey Hills. These country lanes are muddy and narrow. Normal vehicles tend to struggle in the mud and so increasingly folk are driving large 4x4 vehicles to safely make their journey to work. You will be affected if you live in these areas:

Farley Green (lanes will require widening across the North Downs) | Peaslake | Shere | Shalford | Bramley | Shamley Green | Hascombe | Hambledon | Milford | Chilworth | Albury | Plaistow | Loxwood | Ellens Green | Brook | Sandhills | Bowlhead Green | Compton | Not to mention increases in traffic volume for Alfold | Cranleigh | Guildford | Chiddingfold | Witley | Godalming

A3 | A281 | A283 | A25 | Munstead Heath Road to Tilthams (Godalming/Compton/Guildford access)

Railway Stations overload - passengers & parking at Milford already full and filling verges.

9+ years of construction and that takes no account of an overrun, so...

Building & HGV havoc for a decade or more!


Above: Top Gear site NEWS... Miriam Margolyes backs film on plans for new Surrey town 

Also, Miriam Margolyes explains why Waverley BC should not grant planning for DUNSFOLD PARK New Town 2016


Following the failure of the previous planning application for a new Eco-town in 2007 and a rejected appeal in 2009, Rutland Group and Dunsfold Airport Ltd are at it again with a new proposal that looks very similar to the last.. . but one that will grow much larger over the coming years.

A New Town? | It will be massive, 71% the size of Cranleigh, 50% the size of Haslemere, 38% the size of Godalming and over seven times the size of each of the immediately neighbouring rural villages.

  • Two enormous 100-foot high towers
  • Homes up to 4 storeys high
  • Dense urban areas with up to 40% more houses per acre than recommended in Waverley’s current policy
  • A ‘town’ style layout with radial and ring roads and a town centre, rather than a linear village-style layout

The Guardian reported on a very similar out-of-town development at Cambourne in Cambridgeshire and the problems faced with a rural placed large settlement.  CLICK HERE> TOYTOWN CAMBOURNE

...and taken from that article are these scary quotes from people actually living in that established "New Town" :

"It's a Wednesday morning in this 3,400 home settlement nine miles west of Cambridge. Save for the occasional hum of a bus, the roads (in the estate) are almost silent. Most human traffic is made up of lone mothers, quietly pushing their offspring to a shopping area dominated by a huge Morrisons. They embody a surprising fact about Cambourne: in 2009, it was revealed that it had the highest birthrate of anywhere in the UK – 24.1 births per 100 women, beating even India and Brazil."

"It's really boring here," speaks a typical Cambourne teenager. "There's not much to do for people my age. There's only two pubs." He gestures at one in the middle distance. "One's for old pissheads, and it's expensive, and the other one's too small." He tells me he moved here three years ago from the Arbury area of Cambridge, after pleading with his parents to stay put. "The buses aren't very good either. I've had to wait two hours for one. And the latest bus back from Cambridge is at 11pm. The cab fare's £30. So you can see why I don't get out much."

It will become the same sorry story for residents of Dunsfold Park New Town trying to get to Guildford or Cranleigh.


Stop Dunsfold Park New Town

If the massive Dunsfold Aerodrome plan goes ahead, then don't be surprised when future, further developments are added and then... across the A281 into their so-called "buffer zone" where hundreds upon hundreds of acres are owned by them.

Watch superstores like Tesco appear with their associated fuel stations, they will be itching to take advantage of thousands of residents plonked in one area. A retail park and ancillary business' with large car parks along with still further heavy goods all adding to our ever burgeoning road system.


Eventually and all JOINING UP WITH CRANLEIGH making an even larger town.



URBANISATION | Time to wake up ?



Here's a thought for you....

Perhaps, we don't actually need any new houses built?

Building for buildings sake and because we are told we have to build. Think about it. Who comes? If you look at the positive comments on the Waverley planning site, it's from those currently living in other towns further and further away. For example, Woking, Hounslow and Feltham.

We would simply be building for those that would just like to re-locate. They say that they need to live near to where they work. Well Rutland Group/Dunsfold Park Ltd the simple answer is: STOP building more business units and Waverley STOP giving them permission.



ALL OF THIS MISERY IS IN ADDITION TO OTHER PLANNING at these below and many others around the GU6 postcode and in Alfold:

Wildwood Golf Club

A 3 year expansion project on the A281 close to Dunsfold Park

Milford Chest Hospital

Already under construction

 Springbok Estate

A very large housing project which is adjacent to Dunsfold Park


The above developments in planning are more than enough for the small work force at the tiny Dunsfold Park business estate.


Clive Smith, Surrey Hills AONB Planning Advisor

Has written a pretty damning response to the Dunsfold Park planning application.

The Surrey Hills Board raise "Serious concern .. to the proposed settlement". Clive Smith goes on to state "The proposal therefore poses one of the greatest threats for some decades from a single development to the protected character and tranquillity of extensive parts of the Surrey Hills AONB. The remote location of the proposed settlement continues to be unsustainable as concluded by a Planning Inspector and Secretary of State in 2009. The proposed transportation measures, many of which were included in the previous proposal, make no material change since then and do not overcome the conflict now with the underlying principle of Government planning policy emphasised throughout the NPPF published in 2012 requiring development to be sustainable."

A New Surrey Town | FACTS

They build industrial units...

Stop Dunsfold Park New Town

Including a HUGE warehouse capacity which smacks more of a distribution centre than productive industry.

Distribution centres create few jobs but do develop traffic, HGVs in particular.

Then they build houses to home the new employees

Stop Dunsfold Park New Town


1800 to start with then most likely to increase to 3400... then who knows where!

They are trying to destroy our countryside

The Developers stated in their "Statement of Community Involvement" that:  "This low number of objections and majority of supportive comments at a well-attended public exhibition" (only 173!) "suggests that more residents in the area support new homes at Dunsfold Park than oppose".

This is simply not true. Most locals are completely opposed to any development.

It is suggested a new covenant to prohibit any further development on the land at Dunsfold Park and surrounding green belt for a period of 50 years be imposed from the highest level of authority.


Area of Outstanding Natural Beauty

The edge of the proposed development already abuts the AONB boundary and may indeed overlap if long outstanding plans to extend the AONB are implemented.

The area is beautiful!

Take a walk up Hascombe Hill and look at the amazing views across to the South Downs and then down into the weald below. Pick out the rural farms and houses and of course Dunsfold Aerodrome with the amazing Boeing 747 at the edge.


Wealthy developers do not care about this rural area.

They have made massive increases to the industrial space recently with planning applications that Waverley Borough Council keep approving. Making bigger business at Dunsfold Park does not help our rural communities. It instead causes a vicious circle of increasing business space, hiring people from far away who then want to live near to where they work and who could blame them.

Simply take a look at the positive comments from those who live out of the area and have been led to believe that there will be cheap housing for them at Dunsfold New Town.

The developers have already stated that the these flats and houses will be at "Market Rates".

Our Members of Parliment had this to say at the last Dunsfold Park application:

Stop Dunsfold Park New Town

“A development of this size would have massive impact on the countryside, the roads and our infrastructure.  Our villages simply cannot cope with the impact this would have.  I would urge everyone to respond to Waverley Borough Council and let Jeremy [Hunt] and me know your views.

We can be contacted by letter at the House of Commons, London SW1A 0AA or by email at and and that was in response to a smaller project.  So the number of houses has increased, as has the traffic volume.

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